Summer 2008 Pictures

Here are some of my favorite photos from my travel this summer. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera for much of the summer. Therefore, I don’t have pictures of my time spent at John and Laura’s house, or for most of my time in Prescott. Even when I did get a camera, I wasn’t always good at taking the shot. Nevertheless, I did manage to get some good pictures:

This is a picture of Anna, taken while she and I were busy helping Greta find high quality scrapbooking supplies.

Here is a great picture of Greta, obviously grateful for the help that Anna and I provided to her while looking for scrapbooking supplies.


The HIkers
Just before leaving Prescott, Anna, Greta, Brooke, Lexie hiked up Thumb Butte together. We all did very well, running, jumping, and screaming our way up the mountain. Here is a great shot taken by Anna. This was taken at the top of our ascent, just before returning to the parking lot. I love this picture!

vacation pics 007.jpg

Doug and I

Anna and I took a road trip to Farmington/Aztec to see the Dockters and the Hjalmarsons. We had a great couple of days there. When we left to drive to Albuquerque, Doug drove with us as far as Chaco Canyon. Once there, we stopped to see these amazing ruins. Built starting in approximately the 800’s CE, and occupied until around 1200 CE, these ruins represent a pinnacle of early American civilization. Evidence found there provides proof of trade with Central American Tribes, and it shows incredible architectural skills. Roads are well designed. Building are situated within one degree of true north. It is a fascinating site. More information can be found at the Chaco Canyon National Park Service website.



This picture shows a fire pit in the back yard of Kathryn and Chad’s house. This pit is increasingly important to me. When I first came to this house in the summer of 2005, I burned thousands of business-related papers in it. This act was both practically and symbolically important to me. In subsequent summers, I spent substantial amounts of time in chairs around this pit, drinking, thinking and talking. Good times.


Tom and Family
One of the great things about this summer has been the chance to spend time with Tom, Coreen, Emma and Olivia. Here are some pictures:

P8090054.JPG P8090048.JPG

P8100062.JPG P8090047.JPG

Last, but not least, it has been so good to see my mom and Johnnie. Here they are!




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