Lock-ins, Haircuts, 10Ks, and Bowling

These past two days have been busy!  Friday night I stayed at school until about 1:00 AM to help with a lock-in for the older students.  It was a great success.  On Saturday, I went to church, had lunch with QSI friends, and then bought a razor.  I gave myself a haircut.  Since my haircut, I have been told I looked like a prisoner, a neo-Nazi, and a hooligan.  Oh well.

Today I ran in my first 10K and got a time under 50 minutes.  I thought I was going to die at the end, but I did finish.  I ran with a Kazakh girl most of the race.  We worked together to improve our times.  When I was tired, she encouraged me, and vice versa when she was tired. I think we finished with about the same time.  The sad thing is that she was running in old Converse shoes, while I had my Asics gels.

After running, I quickly changed and went bowling.  Our team ended up winning by two pins!  Scores are made up of five bowlers over three games.  It was very close.  We won the first game, and then lost the second and third games, but still won.  The other team took the loss well.  The worst part of the match for me was the first two games – my scores were 97 and 99.  But my last score was a 160. I am glad that I could contribute meaningfully to our victory.


One response to “Lock-ins, Haircuts, 10Ks, and Bowling

  1. Dude. Bowling. I didn’t know. At least once or twice a week for me since moving to Taiwan. Next time we hook up, let’s roll.

    The dude abides.

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