Guards, Fishermen, Diapers and Graves

What do all of these things have in common?  On my October 11 bike ride, Mark, Bill and I chanced upon  all four.  Today we decided to ride north out of town, along the European side of the Ural River.  We rode north of town almost to the second railroad bridge.  Along the way we apparently crossed into forbidden territory, where we were yelled at by a railroad bridge guard with a gun on his shoulder.  We kept going.

We saw many fishermen up to this point, but fewer after that.  One pair of fishermen told us to stay down low by the river to avoid contact with the guard – probably not a good sign.

After a bit we rode right into a dacha.  What was most interesting was the way of disposing of trash.  They drug it out of the house, and threw it over the gate.  To walk into the front yard, you would have had to walk over hundreds of used plastic diapers.  Although we didn’t walk into the front yard, we also had to walk over many of these diapers.  I didn’t take a picture for fear of upsetting the owners.  I would say that doing something like this is not unusual.  The owers turned out to be very friendly.

Just beyond that there were many Muslim graves.

We did see beautiful, albeit harsh country after that.  The bike ride was great, and we even had a thermos of hot coffee to drink during a pitstop.  There are many other photos at my Picasa site for those who are interested.


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