Teen Violence; Educational Remedy?

The news about our young people is not always positive.  This graph, from Ethics Newsline, is particularly disheartening. 

Then there is this news, from The American Prospect, which looks more specifically at teen date-related violence.  It acknowledges that a  study published last July in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that more than one-third of 920 students questioned were victims of emotional and physical abuse by romantic partners before they started college. 
The American Prospect article takes the position that we are incorrectly focusing too much effort on educating and changing female behavior, without looking seriously enough at male behavior.  
However, neither of these two sources of information talks about what can be done positively in schools to help with this obviously unacceptable situation.  
At my school, I am teaching a group of students whose ages would suggest that they are entering, or about to enter, the age of dating.  We focus heavily on what we call Success Orientations.  And while we have not spoken explicitly about date-related violence, we certainly do talk about the unacceptability of violence in general whether it be emotional or physical.  I do intend to discuss these sobering articles with them.  
What are other schools doing to address this problem?  I am interested in hearing from you.  Should we be getting into this area at all?  

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