Winter in Atyrau, Kz

Well, today it is snowing heavily, however yesterday was high clouds combined with cold wind. Here are some photos taken from yesterday.  I am reasonably confident that the statue is not Natasha despite written assurance to the contrary.  Having said that, I am equally unsure who either the statue or the bust is meant to represent.  Any ideas?  





See and download the full gallery on posterous

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2 responses to “Winter in Atyrau, Kz

  1. Yes, you’re right, it iss not Natasha, he is Lenin in his youth, maybe his early 20th, can’t exactly as I’m not good at history. An dthe 2nd bust represents Chapaev Ivan Basilievich (son of Basiliy), he was a Commander in WW 1st, during 1914-1919

  2. oh, sorry not son of Vassily it is vice versa Vasily Ivanovich, so son of Ivan.

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