Choices for Students

Here is an email that I sent to a student recently, as well as her response.  I like the whole approach.
Here is your first monologue.  I have attached two different rubrics to this email.  You will need to tell me by which rubric you would like me to assess your performance.  Keep in mind that you will  have several attempts at a monologue grade.  I will use your highest grade as your summative assessment.  
Break a leg.  We will start tomorrow. 

Download now or preview on posterous

monologue rubric.doc (24 KB)

“GRACEFULNESS” by Adra Young
Words cannot describe the loving relationship I once shared with my grandmother. We’d drink our cola in a bottle together and laugh. Every night before I’d lie down she’d pray with me. As a little girl I would look at her fingers and say “Granny show me your rings!” Elegantly she would whirl her fingers around as if she were a queen. (Individual sticks her hand out to demonstrate.) Oh it made me so proud to see her wearing them. 
My Granny passed away at a rather young age and had willed me her beautiful rings. On my way home from work last week, I had discovered something bad. My duplex was broken into! All I really cared about in my place was “Granny’s Rings”. (States slowly, and in a very emotional manner.) 
Turns out my worse nightmare had come true. They had taken one of the rings my granny had given me. Hurt and devastated by this situation, I was fortunate that they did not take both. I vowed to myself that I would never let the other ring get away from me. 
No one knows where it is or, where I keep it. From time to time I put it on and I reminisce about my granny. Oh how she would elegantly and gracefully whirl her rings around her fingers as if she were a queen. 
Here is Matija’s response:

I like the second monologue rubric more than the first one because it’s easier to understandhas a simpler structure and summarizes bettertherefore I think you should use the second rubric.
Did you get that? I wrote it like a thesis…
See you tomorrow

(= (= (= MATIJA =) =) =)

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