AASL Standards Are The Best Single Source for Identifying and Organizing Skills

Standards for the standards for ther 21st-century learner
21st-Century Learner

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner offer vision for teaching and learning to both guide and beckon our profession as education leaders. They will both shape the library program and serve as a tool for library media specialists to use to shape the learning of students in the school.

Rights and permission on the use of the learning standards

Downloading and Ordering

You can download the Learning Standards as an eight-page full-color pamphlet:

You can also purchase the learning standards in packets of 12 from the ALA Online Store external link icon. Prices are $13.50 for members; $14.95 for non-members.

*This publication complements the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner in Action and Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs.


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One of my tasks as an educator is to prepare personalized student anecdotes as part of the school’s ongoing effort to effectively communicate with parents. I have worked diligently the last couple of years to catalog and organize skills, student dispositions and methods recommended student support to assist in creating these anecdotal reports. My lists (created using Omnioutliner Pro) are solid.

But the single best source I have found for a well thought out catalog of skills, dispositions in action, student responsibility and self-assessment strategies is created by the American Association of School Librarians. This organization has done an excellent job of organizing skills into a format that is user-friendly.

As I am preparing anecdotal reports, I am continuously drawn to the skills set forth in this 8 page document. Yes, my cobbled-together list is solid, and I am using it, but the AASL Standards are key in making my task workable.

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